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Celebrity Red Carpet and Fan photos

Celebrity Red Carpet and Fan photos



Celebrity Photos This is a gallery of mostly candid red carpet photos of the most popular celebrities in the United States today. Many of these photos were taken by staff photographers for specific events and several are submitted to us by fans that wanted to share their favorite celebrity pictures. If you are a photographer or just a visitor that has a fun or unique picture of your favorite celebrity, you are welcome to submit it here. We screen each photo that is submitted for fakes or celebrity look-a-likes, so don’t send us anything that’s been photo-shop enhanced or altered. If you have a picture of yourself with a celebrity or a celebrity photo taken at an official event, or on location such as outside of a premiere or at a concert, we will accept and post those types of photos. We will not post any photo of a celebrity that is stolen or taken of them with their family while out at dinner or on a private vacation. It is our job to protect celebrities and their loved ones. Please, only photos taken of celebrities at a red carpet event or in a studio, sound stage, film set, sporting event if it is an athlete celebrity, or a major public televised event where they are part of a crowd may be suitable in some cases. We don’t pay paparazzi for photos, nor do we employ photographers. We don’t pay a bounty for photos. This section is for those that visit us because they are fans of celebrities and they want to see them in candid moments on the red carpet at awards shows or premieres. A celebrity signing an autograph is a great photo opportunity. If they are posing for photos with fans or other celebrities, we can accept these photos to post on the Celebrity Photo Gallery page. We don’t post celebrity nip-slips, celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, celebrities in private moments with a date or loved one. However, if your favorite celebrity is at the Lakers game and they are on the “kiss-cam” and actively participate in entertaining the crowd, we could assume they would be ok with a fan taking a photo of them during that fun moment at a public event. Use your discretion and common sense when you submit a celebrity photo. Celebrity pics are a great way for those that would never meet a celebrity, to have a chance to see them all dressed up for an awards show or celebrity after party. So, enjoy the photos and keep sending them in! Celebrity Photo Contest

If you have a photo of a top celebrity that you want to share with our visitors, please submit it below on the upload button. If we choose to post or publish your photo, we assume all rights to use the photo on our website for other visitors to enjoy and view. If your photo is selected by viewers as the “celebrity photo of the month” you will be contacted by our staff and entered into a drawing to meet a celebrity at an upcoming charity event or fan experience! So keep those great photos coming in.

If we find the photo to be embarrassing or lewd, we won’t post it. We do not post nude celebrity photos or pics showing any celebrity skin or celebrity nudity. So, don’t try to use our site to extort a celebrity because it is our main goal to protect them from crazed stalkers and threats from individuals. Celebrities like their privacy just as much as you do. Just because they are famous, doesn’t give anyone the right to exploit them or treat them like they owe you an autograph or photo opportunity. A celebrity that doesn’t have time to give you a moment for a picture with them or an autograph isn’t a bad person. Don’t judge them by an instant moment where you may have approached them during a private conversation, a business meeting or a meal with friends and family. Please don’t bother celebrities just to get a picture of them or with them. Everyone has a bad day or a stress filled time, where they won’t be in the mood to take pictures with you or sign an autograph. You have had moments where you didn’t feel like working or entertaining and so do they. Celebrities love their fans but usually, from a safe distance. A celebrity may feel threatened or harassed when you approach them aggressively for a photo or autograph. So, avoid saying anything rude or obnoxious to aggravate a celebrity and they will be happy in most cases to take a photo with a polite fan or sign an autograph.

Submit your celebrity photos here: Images must be a minimum of 250kb and no larger than 3Mb in file size (jpeg. only)